man uchiha itachi really makes me sad

that kid was literally abused for most of his life by his family when they placed him into violent situations from age four, then he spend the rest of his life pressured by his whole family, growing up isolated and traumatised, being pushed into the ANBU by his father at the age of eleven, then two years later, this child was forced into a position by several (essentially well-meaning but ultimately impotent) adults where he felt he had no choice but to kill his whole family to stop another war from breaking out, like the one he was forced into as a four year old. during this conflict, the only person he ever depended on, shisui, committed suicide in front of him to give him the mangekyou sharingan, which i think shaped what he did to sasuke after the massacre.

literally the only good thing in his life was sasuke and he was so fucked up he thought the only way for sasuke to survive in the grisly shinobi world was for him to kill itachi and become powerful in the way itachi had and never know anything bad about the uchiha clan because it would bring him pain.

and then on top of all that he catches dying anime mom disease

like itachi was a super clever, wise, kind boy but he was ultimately broken, twisted and destroyed by the weight of konoha and its’ inept leadership. no wonder wonder sasuke wants to tear the hokage system apart like god fucking damn


hey guys, i know i said i wouldn’t be doing this once i moved, but unfortunately, i kinda have to. currently, i’ve been living in washington state for almost three months, during which time i’ve been looking for a job anywhere and everywhere— and it’s hard!

my art doesn’t bring in nearly as much as i necessarily need, and with my depression & other instabilities i’ve found it really hard to motivate myself to work on things, or even come up with anything i’m proud of calling a product.

so, i’d really like to point you in the direction of the donate button on the page of my blog, and any donation, even a dollar, will go toward groceries and bills and other important things, and will help me a great deal while i try to find a source of steady income.

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2 + Tenten/Temari + shaking hands before battle kiss on the hand.


how can people even say kanye west is not a genius

being vocal about being trans in particular is important to me because i care much more about gender-confused people knowing that figuring out your gender is a hard and ongoing process but it’s not a bad thing in any way than i do about passing for cis on the internet to be more palatable to cis people or to be a ‘real man’ as i used to think i wanted people to see me as

i don’t need to be cis for my gender to be real and valid i don’t even need to have an entirely binary gender for it to be real and valid and this is true for everyone and people need to know that

that messages means so so much to me because that’s exactly why i am vocally trans and vocal about my struggles with recovering from an eating disorder because i know from experience that the worst thing is feeling like you’re alone with a struggle and that’s especially detrimental to recovery with eating disorders so like

even through it’s much easier and sometimes less stressful to not talk about it i think its worth it for me to do so because i know how much it matters to see that you’re not alone in this

im gonna pop in rlly quick and say thank you!!!! bc i rlly look up to you and youve helped a lot w me being more comfortable w my transition and my eating problems and basically i wanna thank you for yeah

oh my gosh this messages means a lot to me i’m really really glad i could help you with that stuff by talking about my experiences on the internet and i really hope you’re doing okay with both of those things now!!!!

being trans and having and eating disorder  are both really scary things to deal with when you feel like you’re alone in that so i’m really happy that me talking about this stuff could help because i felt very alone in my ed issues in particular for a long time and i really hope that your recovery will be smoother than mine was !!

good luck and i wish you the best 


Here, have a transparent Ino and Choji peeking at your blog!

Just credit if you use it please! :3



I can’t believe I was able to finish this in time…


not only kakasaku but ships like minato x young kakashi, eren x levi, and etc are all problematic. just bc the age gap in japan is ok it doesn’t make all the middle aged man x teenager ships suddenly ok, not even in japan.


quickie of Asuma

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Doodles between working on my film! I just really love snakes, they’re so sweet and misunderstood >:

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